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Your negotiations team has began barganing training and will be represented this year by attorney Dan Thompson of Goyette & Associates.


For the past several decades we have used the same labor representative to handle RPOA negotiations. The Board has decided to try a different tactic for 2017 negotiations with the City of Redding.

Negotiations officially began February 1st, 2017.

Our current contract expired in June 2017.


Below you will find a list of negotiable items that the Membership has suggested the Negotiation Team present during the upcoming negotiations with the City (listed in no particular priority); 


  • Uniform Allowance Increase

  • City contribution toward Vantage Care

  • Separate POST Certificates and education incentives, along with adding incentives for both advanced education degrees, Instructor Certifications and Master Officer Incentive Program

  • City contribution to VantageCare

  • Fitness incentive

  • Holiday Compensation 

  • Increase in vacation accrual rate 

  • On-call pay 

  • Increase base pay (not priority but on table)

  • Increase in current incentives

  • Longevity Pay

Additionally, a review of the current MOU language will be conducted in order to alleviate ambiguous verbiage within the contract. 

Thank you,

RPOA Board of Directors 

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