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FEBRUARY 17, 2021

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Please be reminded that this information is confidential. This information is to be discussed only with the membership of the RPOA. This is not for public release based on the agreement of both the RPOA and COR and by labor law.

The intent of this email is to provide a recap of the tentative agreement that was presented at the Emergency General Membership meeting, on 2/17/2021.  The below information is a summarization of the current proposal:

  •  Three year contract which will end in the same year (2023) it would have if we signed last year.

  •  20.5% gross pay increase (15% net) which includes 5.5% for additional PERS contribution (this does NOT include incentives).

  •  The pay increases would be 5% at the signing of this contract (early March 2021), 1.5% in June of 2021, 7% in September of 2021, and 7% in September of 2022.  Yes, you read that correctly.  If approved by the membership we would receive three pay increases by September of 2021 for a gross total of 13.5% (net total of 10%).

  •  Holidays will be reinstated.  The difference from the prior holiday benefit is 110 hours of holiday time will be deposited in a separate bank annually. These hours can be used for time off or cashed out at the end of the year. The balance of the Holiday Bank will be cashed out in a separate check the week following the first pay period of December annually. The Holiday hours will be renewed for the new year on the second pay period of December annually. Additionally, the holiday bank is PERSable.

  •  2.5% will be added to our current POST Advanced Certificate increasing it to 5%. The total POST Certificate pay will be 7.5% (2.5% for Intermediate and 5% for Advanced).

  •  An education incentive of 2.5% for a Bachelor’s degree and 2.5% for a Master’s degree will be offered.  This is due to the City wanting to incentivize education.

  •  A 12.5% cap on incentives would be implemented.

  •  A tuition reimbursement will be offered for education.  The City will reimburse up to $400 tuition, per class, per semester.  The City will also reimburse expenses for schooling materials such as books, computer programs, calculators, etc.  The City will not reimburse expenses for pens, pencils, and paper.

  •  There will be a 5% increase to our medical costs which we proposed to cap at approximately 8% multiple times.  The City was not willing to entertain a cap of approximately 8%.  There is an annual cap of 12.5% they were not willing to negotiate away from.  After receiving statistical information from the City over the past 14 years, most years averaged approximately 3-4% increases with only one year, 2008, where medical costs jumped to 10%. 

  •  The above PERS contribution of 5.5% would raise our contribution from 12% to 17.5%.  This is beneficial to our members at retirement and raises our PERSable income.  This will also give us the highest dollar amount, per hour, out of all the different scenarios presented. The PEPRA employees, who currently pay 13.25%, would receive a contribution of the difference of 50% normal operating cost (Currently 13.25%) into a 401(a) plan which allows for employer contributions only.  Because of restrictions within the PEPRA guidelines, PEPRA will only base retirement off of wages up to $120,000 per year.  Anything over $120,000 would not be calculated into the PEPRA retirement formula.  The 401(a) plan would allow for the additional contribution, over the 13.25%, to be placed into a deferred comp bank as a supplemental retirement.

  •  Uniform allowance would increase from $900 to $1,300.00 annually.  At the signing of this contract the City would provide each member with $400.00 for our current fiscal year.  At the beginning of the new fiscal year, each member would receive the full $1,300.00 dispersed in the bi-weekly pay periods. 

  •  Language changes to the MOU which will incorporate the numerous side letters we currently have in place.  Investigations would be changed to Detective Division.  Retired annuitants will be limited to one (1) for Detectives and one (1) for patrol.  This is to limit the amount of retired annuitants that can be utilized at one time.

  •  A fitness and wellness incentive was proposed by the City but has not yet been completed for a vote.  We have included language that would allow an additional 90-day period, beyond the signing of this contract, for continued talks with the City as to how the fitness and wellness incentive would be proposed.  Currently there is possibly a $1,200.00 incentive being offered.  However, there are no conditions established yet.  We felt the fitness and wellness incentive was something we could re-visit to allow our concentration to remain on the above listed items.

An example of top-step pay, at the end of this contract, is as follows:

$54.32 hr (base pay)

with 7.5% POST (Intermediate & Advanced) = $58.40

with 7.5% POST and 2.5% Education = $59.86

with 7.5 % POST and 5% education = $61.32

with 7.5% POST and 3.5% shift differential and 2.5% education = $61.96

with 7.5% POST and 3.5% shift differential and 5% education = $63.47

with 7.5% POST and 5% shift differential and 2.5% education = $62.85

with 7.5% POST and 5% shift differential and 5% education = $64.39

*There are many ways a member can obtain the above numbers.  The above numbers are an example of top-step with POST, education, and shift differential.  Other factors can also contribute to a higher wage such as K9 pay, bilingual pay, etc.  The 12.5% cap only includes POST, education, and bilingual pay.

Again, the above is a summarization of the proposed contract.  Attached is a spreadsheet showing the breakdown of the base pay differences/increases (both gross and net) with and without incentives.  There is also a breakdown of the holiday pay calculation, overtime rate, and PEPRA.  A copy of the contract will be provided to the membership, via email, once it is received.  The Negotiations Committee is expected to receive the contract on 2/19/2021.

You all will receive an E-Ballot through your department email shortly.  The E-Ballot system was voted in during the General Membership meeting on 10/05/2020.  The discretion whether to use an E-Ballot or regular ballot rests on the RPOA Board.  The RPOA Board has voted to utilize the E-Ballot for voting on this contract.  Thank you all for your time and understanding.  Also, we want to thank everyone who was able to attend last night’s meeting.




Board of Directors, Redding Peace Officers' Association

Ballots are due no later than 6pm Monday, March 1st, 2021

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