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Fitness Challenge

REDDING, Calif. - Vendors filled the Elks Lodge and the lot outside as law enforcement and citizens came out Saturday morning for food, raffles and family-friendly games.The lot was filled with people, which organizer Erika Nelson said was an impressive comparison from last year.There was a fitness challenge that four teams of law enforcement participated in for a friendly competition. Kids also got the chance to ride in a law enforcement vehicle.Nelson said her goal for this year is to raise $30,000 for K-9 for the Redding Police Department, to help Redding kids in need, and for a program that provides support for survivors of fallen officers."It's picked up a lot. And we've gotten a lot busier. We started planning this event several months ago as a small kind of thank you event and it's obviously turned into much more," said Nelson. She added that she expects the organization to continue growing, and hopes to turn it into a non-profit organization.

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