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Email to Membership Oct 15

RPOA Members

As a reminder, please respect your Negotiations Team as they work to get the best contract we can. Each of you can help by ensuring we do not discuss anything about negotiations outside our own membership. Please use discretion when discussing this topic amongst yourselves, in hallways or in a public place. Make sure spouses and/or significant others understand this too. 

Contract negotiations are sensitive issues and there is already word from outside the RPOA (outside the PD), about our internal discussions and specific numbers in regards to potential contracts. This information can be detrimental to our cause if it goes public.

We understand there has been a lot of discussions following our last meetings. We encourage feedback from the membership, but please be sure to only relay valid information. We also strongly encourage you to attend meetings as they are held.

The purpose of our last general membership meeting was to seek feedback and share information and ideas from the negotiations team. The team has been involved in many exploratory meetings leading into our negotiations. These were to test the financial health of the City and to get a temperature and mindset of the City Manager and Council. Anyone who attended the meeting saw the work the team has completed up to this point as a result of this information. 

This information led the team to what they believed to be, reasonable numbers for us to attain. These numbers were not given to us by the City, but as a result of the information we were able to obtain through our research. They are numbers the negotiation team came up with, and felt were attainable. Some of the membership strongly feels the starting point needs to be higher. The team has taken that information back to the drawing board.

We ask that you trust our Negotiations team as they move forward. They expect to be held accountable and they will be transparent with the membership. We also require the information shared to the Membership will be held confidential as not affect our ability to work towards a, hopefully, great contract!

We will attempt to keep the Members Area of the website updated with information on Contract issues.

The password has recently been updated to: rpoa4502 

Please let any of us know your questions or concerns!


Board of Directors, Redding Peace Officers' Association


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