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AUGUST 22, 2017


Please be reminded that this information is confidential. This information is to be discussed only with the membership of the RPOA. This is not for public release based on the agreement of both the RPOA and COR and by labor law.


On August 22, 2017, the RPOA Negotiations team had our 4th meeting with COR negotiators. 

As expected, COR responded to our initial list of proposals unfavorably. 


PLEASE UNDERSTAND, this is only the 4th meeting and your RPOA Negotiations team is working hard to be creative, yet realistic about protecting our current, retired and future members!

During our 2nd meeting, RPOA made an initial proposal of about 23 items we would be open to discussing (see MTG 2 notes). 


See Attachment #1 below to view the City response to our proposals. 

Our lead negotiator, Dan Thompson, and us are working on several clarifying questions for the COR.  The clarifying answers to these questions will lay the groundwork for our official response. 

Of significance, the COR is asking that labor groups assist the City in reclaiming the projected shortfall of several million dollars to the City general fund over the next 3-5 years. COR has asked the RPOA to conceded to $390,594 worth of savings for the City.

To assist us in finding creative ways to save the City money, they prepared a document, suggesting ways to reach this number (see Attachment #2 below). Their ideas include;

1) RPOA pay an additional 10% to Group Healthcare ($142,486 city savings)

- This would make it a  80%/20% split vs the current 90%/10% split. (Attachment #3 shows approximate projected 80/20 split employee contributions). NOTE: with ever increasing health care costs, 10% now will NOT be the same as 10% in 5-10 years. 


2) Freeze All projected step increases for 2 years.  ($15,482 city savings)

3) Changing step increases from 5% to 2.5% and making 18 steps vs the current 9 steps. ($7,597 city savings)

4) Additional CalPERS contributions 3% for Classic members and 2% for PEPRA members.  ($224,000 city savings)


For refernce, a top step officer making an additional 1% PERS contribution will cost the member approximately $81/mo.

***We have attached information on what other bargaining units are being asked to save the city as well (Attachments #4 & #5)

ATTACHMENT #1  (COR response to RPOA proposals)

ATTACHMENT #2 (Budget gap recommendations from City)

ATTACHMENT #3 (Healthcare 10% increase costs)

ATTACHMENT #4 (IBEW & Fire Management budget gap recommendations from City)

ATTACHMENT #5 (IAFF & IBEW Maintenance budget gap recommendations from City)

ATTACHMENT #6 (City response to RPOA Proposal #14 [work schedules], #15 [Corporal/Sergeant upgrade pay] & #18 [Investigation Flex Schedule])

ATTACHMENT #7 (City response to RPOA Proposal #15)

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