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New York Life Life Insurance

05/2020 -RPOA has been paying $909 to NYL premium which has not been deducted from Llamas dues since promotion to RPMA. -Gilmette to make arrangements for Llamas for repayment. -NYL premiums via RPOA dues are becoming problematic between recent terminations and promotions. Gilmette to attempt to work with NYL to streamline. 09/2020 Discussion about several payment issues and lack of customer support from NYL which has been ongoing and unresolved. Motion made to discontinue RPOA involvement with NYL. Individual members will be contacted and arrangements made to accept payment by other means. Motion; B. MOORE Second; GILMETTE ALL IN FAVOR

Negotiations - January GM Meeting

Discussion on priorities of membership City says 5% medical is “deal breaker” 5-year decent contract is preferable over 3-year decent contract Holiday pay/Deferred (5.4%) in exchange for 5% medical Contract to benefit the majority of membership as a priority Straight Pay (Catch up pay & COLA) Education + Longevity + POST Pay Stackable Master Officer Pay (Longevity) Specialty Pay stackable

2020 Parties

SUMMER BBQ -WaterWorks Park (CANCELLED due to Covid) DECEMBER 4, 2020 - Kids Christmas Party @ NorCal Elite Gymnastics DECEMBER 12, 2020 - Adult Christmas Party @ Sons of Italy

2020 Donations

-January- Donation from 2019 Never Forgotten Games 1) Donation in the amount of $5052.00 to Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) 2) Donation in the amount of $5052.00 to International Association of Firefighters (I.A.F.F) Donation to RPOA Blue Santa ($2000) -February- "Donation" made to SHIELD Training Center in form of purchasing a table at a fundraising banquet ($1000). Several members of the general membership and their spouses attended. -March- Donation to West Redding Little League ($250) - RPOA Banner will be placed on field fence. Donation to Palo Cedro Youth Soccer (U6) ($100) -July- Donation made to the SCSO Baxter family ($500) from 10-25 Fund -September- Donation to RPD Downto

Email to Membership Oct 15

RPOA Members As a reminder, please respect your Negotiations Team as they work to get the best contract we can. Each of you can help by ensuring we do not discuss anything about negotiations outside our own membership. Please use discretion when discussing this topic amongst yourselves, in hallways or in a public place. Make sure spouses and/or significant others understand this too. Contract negotiations are sensitive issues and there is already word from outside the RPOA (outside the PD), about our internal discussions and specific numbers in regards to potential contracts. This information can be detrimental to our cause if it goes public. We understand there has been a lot of discussions

Negotiations October GM Meeting

On October 5th, 2020, a meeting of the RPOA General Membership was had to discuss, amongst other Membership business, negotiations. The meeting consisted of President Brian Moore, presenting on behalf of the negotiations team, a plan to proceed in to negotiations with the City of Redding. The plan was based on a series of exploratory meetings with various interested parties to gauge the fiscal health of the City and to find our where the City Manager and City Council fell. After feedback from the Membership, the Negotiations team will move forward. PLEASE remember not to share any of this information outside of the RPOA Membership.

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